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Nature by SamAlive

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petition to make edea and alternis/ringabel templar and dark knight married battle couple in bravely second thanks

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Final Fantasy XV will have an all male party



In a recent interview with 4gamer it was said that Final Fantasy XV will have an all male playable cast. This is so it can feel more like a road trip movie according to Hajime Tabata the games director. This had apparently been the plan since way back when the game was announced as Versus 13.  This bothers me a lot because I feel like Final Fantasy has had one factor that keep it very strong and that is having at the very least badass female characters. Some times they aren’t good characters (Cough Lighting) but every Final Fantasy (non spin off) at least had the option of having a lady in it. The road trip sub genre has never really been super empowering to women but it baffles me to think why a women couldn’t be included. If a women is on a road trip would she nag the jpop band to much? Is it that after paying for the jiggle engine in lighting returns they said they could never go back to not having one if a women was playable? Maybe they think the reason people hate Final Fantasy 13 is because women? Maybe it was when they were making this to release at the same time as 13 they thought it was ok because it was a spin off? I’m not sure but regardless of the reason for a main final fantasy game to not have a female playable is pretty inexcusable.  I’m sure someone will stupidly comment that Final Fantasy X-2 was all females because this is totally the same thing.  This is really furthering the trend at Square to write poor female characters or exclude them. Bravely Default 2 seems to only have one playable women (At this current moment), Lighting is a joke,  and now this. Time will tell but to me this is another blaring red flag at Square Enix.  

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#The guy on the right looks EXACTLY like Cilan only with brown hair 

Chibi cutie ❤️ #alan #alain #pokemon #pokeani #xyanime #megaevolution


Chibi cutie ❤️ #alan #alain #pokemon #pokeani #xyanime #megaevolution

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The DB Cooper Job deserved all the awards it was such an amazing episode

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let’s go steal a parker

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"Next time give me the gun."

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The Spirit of Winter

A collection of winter photos shot between 2012-2014 by Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt.

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Hearing my own voice on a recording makes me want to apologize to every single person I’ve ever talked to, like I’m really sorry.

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