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Nara Dreamland, the infamous abandoned theme park in Japan.

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Imagine your icon obnoxiously singing songs in the car with you with the windows down and volume up as they drive on your road trip across the country together.


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#I'm sure CIlan would understand none of the songs I listen to and bitch about my choice in music  #I would just sing louder until he gets with the program or shuts up 


I was playing Bravely Default and…. Apparently memes cure K.O.

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I would honestly never post things like this but it’s been going on for a really long time and I don’t see anyone else talking about it, so I’m going to say it now: before posting pixiv work, ask the artist for their permission.

There’s been more than enough posts circling this website with literally thousands of notes, so I don’t understand why people do not do this still. All that would sign you off is a small “※ Artist has given permission to upload” or a link to a picture with proof that they have granted permission! Not asking for the artist’s consent is violating one of the Terms of Use on Pixiv’s Terms of Use page. It is highlighted, you literally can’t miss it.

Artists work so hard to put dedication into their art, but by re-uploading their pieces to other sites, their art gets more attention on ENG social media than the Pixiv website that way. Just slapping a source on the art you post isn’t proper sourcing.

It’s not that hard to ask permission! Pixiv users are very nice and polite, and will either say “yes, you don’t need my permission in the future”, “yes, and please keep asking for my consent in the future” or “no, I do not give you permission to re-upload my art elsewhere”.

There are many nice translators out there who would gladly give you a template if your Japanese isn’t top notch. Here is one I use.

I admit that I didn’t do it before, but please just start making a habit of asking them. For example, state who you are and what illustrations you want to post to what site:


And a reply might look like this:


もちょこ and many other artists are willing to share their work if you just ask. Making a Pixiv account is free, and there are ENG and other language choices if you don’t understand JPN. Copy/paste the template into the message box, follow the given instructions, and you should be done! Some Pixiv artists will reject, but that’s okay! Please respect them and their artwork! If you didn’t do this before, please do so! If you need help, feel free to contact anyone for help. Never lie and pretend you have the artist’s permission, because they will find out and will prohibit any other redistribution of their art!!

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god, I’m so happy ringabel keeps everything in D’s journal because the party chats are too perfect to be lost to nonchalant button mashing

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I was writing down which dessert each character was eating/arguing for during the Agnès vs. Edea party chat and I noticed in order of dessert named their initials spelled  ”EAT” 

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Imagine your OTP/OT3 having to fake a kidnapping for some reason. Person A has to pretend to struggle and scream as loudly as they can, while they are carried away by Person B, and both of them actually enjoying the whole charade.

Bonus point, if Person C has to observe from afar if everything is going smoothly and regrets missing all the fun.

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More pics of my ragdoll boy Nemo’s outdoor adventures this summer.

And in case you wonder what exactly is going on in the last image - we are playing fetch… :D


What a floof

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Sometimes when I’m feeling down I like to remind myself that once, on /v/, I sang A Whole New World, as Jigglypuff, with a guy doing a solid impression of Professor Oak.


I am very impressed.

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